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Environment/Climate Change


Climate Change

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A Continuing Search for Alaska Native Fishing Rights after The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Robert T. Anderson Hits: 1871
A Human Face to Instream Flow: Indigenous Rights to Water for Salmon and Fisheries Paul Stanton Kibel Hits: 170
Not Yet America's Best Idea: Law, Inequality, and Grand Canyon National Park Sarah Krakoff Hits: 1337
When Drills and Pipelines Cross Indigenous Lands in the Americas Guillermo J. Garcia Sanchez Hits: 449
Decolonization: Treaties, Resource Use, and Environmental Conservation Gerald Torres Hits: 1939
Tribal Rights: The 1872 Mining Law's Past and Future Michael Lopez Hits: 1812
The Death Sentence That Is America's Toxic Prisons Taylor Carpenter Hits: 1574
“Riot Boosting”: South Dakota's Integration of Environmental, Indigenous, and First Amendment Concerns and the Rhetoric on Protest Monica Krup Hits: 213
A Great Nation Keeping its Word: the Role of Tribal Treaty Rights in Climate Change Litigation Noelia Gravotta Hits: 794
Avoiding Maladaptations to Flooding and Erosion: A Case Study of Alaska Native Villages E. Ristroph Hits: 1244
Building Just, Safe, and Healthy Communities Robert D. Bullard Hits: 1828
California Indian Tribes and the Marine Life Protection Act: The Seeds of a Partnership to Preserve Natural Resources Curtis G. Berkey and Scott W. Williams Hits: 2529
Cancer Alley and the Fight Against Environmental Racism Idna G. Castellón Hits: 680
Contaminated Childhood: How the United States Failed to Prevent the Chronic Lead Poisoning of Low-income Children and Communities of Color Emily A. Benfer Hits: 2181
Deserving a Place at the Table: Effecting Change in Substantive Environmental Procedures in Indian Country Alexis Zendejas Hits: 1335
Environmental Racism - An Unfortunate Reality Hits: 7764
Environmental Racism, American Exceptionalism, and Cold War Human Rights Carmen G. Gonzalez Hits: 4216
Environmental Racism, American Exceptionalism, and Cold War Human Rights Carmen G. Gonzalez Hits: 481
Environmental Racism: How Governments Are Systematically Poisoning Indigenous Communities & the U.N.'s Role Maia Dombey Hits: 1878
Environmentalism Isn't New: Lessons from Indigenous Law Joseph Kowalski Hits: 1225
Fishing for Solutions: Pacific Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fish Farming in the Wake of the Cooke Aquaculture Net-pen Collapse Ashleigh Dougill Hits: 765
Foreword to The Republication of Racializing Environmental Justice Eric K. Yamamoto and Susan K. Serrano Hits: 37
Fracking in Pueblo and Diné Communities Melodie Meyer Hits: 697
From Covid-19 to Climate Change: Disaster & Inequality at the Crossroads Cinnamon P. Carlarne Hits: 310
From Sovereignty to Self-determination: Emergence of Collective Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Natural Resources Management Shawkat Alam and Abdullah Al Faruque Hits: 2022
Gun Violence and De Facto Segregation: Could Environmental Discrimination Be Fueling Chicago's Soaring Gun Violence? Joerika Stitt Hits: 505
Humans Long Ignored: Revisiting NEPA's Definition of “Human Environment” in the Era of Black Lives Matter Travis D. Jones Hits: 371
Legal Strategies to Challenge Environmental Racism Julie H. Hurwitz and E. Quita Sullivan Hits: 11484
No More Excuses: Building a New Vision of Civil Rights Enforcement in the Context of Environmental Justice Marianne Engelman Lado Hits: 1911
Now Is the Time for Black Queer Feminist Ecology Zsea Bowmani Hits: 445
Odor in the Court! And it Smells like Environmental Racism: How Big Pork Is Legally Abusing Poor Communities of Color in Eastern North Carolina Emily E. Harrison Hits: 481
Prosecuting International Environmental Crime Committed Against Indigenous Peoples in Brazil Lily Grisafi Hits: 997
Quiet Suffocation: California Oil and Gas Production near Communities of Color Is a Public Health Crisis Jade Wolansky Hits: 511
Racial Segregation and Environmental Injustice Shannon Roesler Hits: 255
Raping Indian Country Sarah Deer and Elizabeth Ann Kronk Warner Hits: 2937
Retooling Environmental Justice Rachael E. Salcido Hits: 380
Retooling Environmental Justice Rachael E. Salcido Hits: 233
The Environmental and Social Injustice of FarmworkerPesticide Exposure Joan D. Flocks Hits: 23744
The Evolving Paradigm of Laws on Lead-based Paint: from Code Violation to Environmental Hazard Jane Schukoske Hits: 1683
The Wild West Re-lived: Oil Pipelines Threaten Native American Tribal Lands Ashley A. Glick Hits: 1666
Toxins Targeted at Minorities: The Racist Undertones of"Environmentally-Friendly" Initiatives Kathleen Bonner Hits: 10487
Under Coyote's Mask: Environmental Law, Indigenous Identity, and #NODAPL Danielle Delaney Hits: 1720
Enhancing the Integration of Indigenous Knowledge to Address Climate Change Elia Mwanga Hits: 3479
Climate Change and the Criminal Justice System Laurie L. Levenson Hits: 455
Global Southerners in the North Ama Ruth Francis Hits: 191
The United States First Climate Relocation: Recognition, Relocation, and Indigenous Rights at the Isle De Jean Charles Adam Crepelle Hits: 2901
The Road to Racial Justice: Resolving the Disproportionate Health Burden Placed on Communities of Color by Highway Pollution Wendy Q. Xiao Hits: 642
Health in All or Profit for Some: Health and Racial Equity in All Policy for a Just Transition Jacob Z. Bolton Hits: 934