Tuesday, October 22, 2019


What is Race?

Title Author Hits
Claims of Knowledge D. Marvin Jones Hits: 14481
Constructions of Race in Modern Supreme Court Decisions Christopher H. Browne Hits: 8531
Defining Race, Racism and Racial Discrimination Venellia Randall Hits: 16273
Directive 15 and Immigrant Analogy Luis Angel Toro Hits: 12106
Holder's Speech Let's White People Off the Hook Tim Wise Hits: 9391
How Troubling Is Our Inheritance? A Review of Genetics and Race in the Social Sciences Philip N. Cohen Hits: 950
OMB Statistical Directive 15 Office of Management and Budget Hits: 13088
Race - The Difference Between Us California Newsreel Hits: 70
Race and Identity in Contemporary Law Luis Angel Toro Hits: 12751
Race as a Legal Concept Justin Desautels-Stein Hits: 911
Race, Methodology, and Social Construction in the Genomic Era Tukufu Zuberi, Evelyn J. Patterson and Quincy Thomas Stewart Hits: 1107
Re-defining Race: Addressing the Consequences of the Law's Failure to Define Race Destiny Peery Hits: 2618
The Dangerous Law of Biological Race Khiara M. Bridges Hits: 1099
What is Race? Ian F. Haney Lopez Hits: 49920
What Is Race?: The New Constitutional Politics of Affirmative Action Mary Ziegler Hits: 828
Whiteness as Audition and Blackness as Performance: Status Protest from the Margin John O. Calmore Hits: 1044