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Protest, Protection and Politics


Obama and Racism

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Empowerment, Discrimination, and The Facade of Leadership: Asian American Political Elites' Failed Assimilationist Strategy Kevin Shawn Hsu Hits: 2443
Calculated Discrimination: Exposing Racial Gerrymandering Using Computational Methods Aviel Menter Hits: 784
Election Laws Disproportionately Disadvantaging Racial Minorities, and the Futility of Trying to Solve Today's Problems with Yesterday's Never Very Good Tools Gary J. Simson Hits: 483
Following the Blueprint: How a New Generation of Segregationists Is Advancing Racial Gerrymandering Nancy G. Abudu Hits: 1927
Not Your Mule? Disrupting the Political Powerlessness of Black Women Voters Chinyere Ezie Hits: 1283
Slouching Toward Universality: A Brief History of Race, Voting, and Political Participation Guy-Uriel E. Charles and Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer Hits: 2601
Twin Flames: A Story of Racial Gerrymandering and Partisan Gerrymandering Adriane M. Kappauf Hits: 277
Kaepernick Can Kick It!: Employment Discrimination, Political Activism, and Speech in the NFL Brittney Watkins Hits: 3544
“Riot Boosting”: South Dakota's Integration of Environmental, Indigenous, and First Amendment Concerns and the Rhetoric on Protest Monica Krup Hits: 974
Covid-19 Mutual Aid, Anti-Authoritarian Activism, and the Law Michael Haber Hits: 979
From Ferguson to Flint: in Search of an Antisubordination Principle for Local Government Law Christopher J. Tyson Hits: 2036
“Black Identity Extremist” or Black Dissident?: How United States V. Daniels Illustrates FBI Criminalization of Black Dissent of Law Enforcement, from Cointelpro to Black Lives Matter Zahra N. Mian Hits: 3077
“Foreseeable Violence” & Black Lives Matter: How Mckesson Can Stifle a Movement Tasnim Motala Hits: 1013
#BLACKLIVESMATTER: From Protest to Policy Jamillah Bowman Williams, Naomi Mezey and Lisa Singh Hits: 511
A Comparison of the Electoral Pathways and Policy Priorities of Asian American and Latino Elected Officials Kim Geron and James S. Lai Hits: 7616
Activismitis Courtney Lauren Anderson Hits: 91
Black Contemporary Social Movements, Resource Mobilization, and Black Musical Activism Andrea L. Dennis Hits: 1632
Breaking the Census: Redistricting in an Era of Mass Incarceration Peter Wagner Hits: 19036
Bush v Gore Through the Lens of Race Spencer Overton Hits: 9015
Critical Race Theory & Occupy Wall Street Nick J. Sciullo Hits: 30316
Gerrymandered by Definition: The Distortion of “Traditional” Districting Criteria and a Proposal for Their Empirical Redefinition Yunsieg P. Kim and Jowei Chen Hits: 437
Language on the Move: “Cancel Culture,” “Critical Race Theory,” and the Digital Public Sphere Khiara M. Bridges Hits: 496
LatCrit: What's Next? Resistance Resilience and Community in the Trump Era Saru M. Matambanadzo, Jorge R. Roig, Sheila I. Vélez Martínez Hits: 1360
Liberalism's Identity Politics: A Response to Professor Fukuyama Athena D. Mutua Hits: 1468
On the Interdependence of Liberal and Illiberal/authoritarian Legal Forms in Racial Capitalist Regimes ... the Case of the United States Michael McCann and Filiz Kahraman Hits: 297
Overcoming Gerrymandering: Analyzing past Approaches and Looking to Automation to Overcome Bias and Cognitive Limitations in Florida Kaila Preston Hits: 780
Race and Election 2004 Bob Wing Hits: 8074
Race, Reckoning, Reform, and the Limits of the Law of Democracy Joshua S. Sellers Hits: 355
Racial States of Municipal Governance: Policing Bodies and Space for Revenue in North St. Louis County, Mo Jodi Rios Hits: 1483
The Anti-Democratic Power of Whiteness Kathleen Neal Cleaver Hits: 3766
The Political Formation of Korean Americans, 1992-2019: From Ethnic Politics to Managing Transnational Lives Edward J.W. Park Hits: 1315
Unbowed, Unbroken, and Unsung: The Unrecognized Contributions of African American Women in Social Movements, Politics, and the Maintenance of Democracy Patricia A. Broussard Hits: 2683
Watch Where You Walk: Law Enforcement Surveillance and Protester Privacy Katelyn Ringrose and Divya Ramjee Hits: 1489
When Protest Is the Disaster: Constitutional Implications of State and Local Emergency Power Karen J. Pita Loor Hits: 1770
Who Can Protect Black Protest? Brandon Hasbrouck Hits: 762
Why Not a Black Political Party? Brooks B. Robinson Hits: 14954
Global Afrikan Congress Letter to Obama Dorothy B. Lewis Hits: 1615
Dog Whistle Politics: The Trump Administration's Influence on Hate Crimes Susan V. Koski and Kathleen Bantley Hits: 3935
A Human Rights Crisis under Our Roof: United States, Nicaragua and Guinea Aglae Eufracio Hits: 1130
If the Feds Watching: The FBI's Use of a "Black Identity Extremist" Domestic Terrorism Designation to Target Black Activists & Violate Equal Protection Aleena Aspervil Hits: 4142