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Migration and Immigration

Title Author Hits
Why Xenophobia? Natsu Taylor Saito Hits: 390
Birthright Citizenship, Slave Trade Legislation, and the Origins of Federal Immigration Regulation Gabriel J. Chin and Paul Finkelman Hits: 423
Relational Legal Consciousness of U.S. Citizenship: Privilege, Responsibility, Guilt, and Love in Latino Mixed-Status Families Leisy J. Abrego Hits: 3145
The Blacks Who "Got Their Forty Acres": A Theory of Black West Indian Migrant Asset Acquisition Eleanor Marie Lawrence Brown Hits: 19673
“Alien” Litigation as Polity-participation: the Positive Power of a “Voteless Class of Litigants” Daniel Kanstroom Hits: 6714
“Hispanics in the Heartland: The Fremont, Nebraska Immigration Ordinance and the Future of Latino Civil Rights” Chad G. Marzen Hits: 1956
(Un)equal Immigration Protection Carrie L. Rosenbaum Hits: 256
A History of Immigration Law Regarding People of Color Diana Vellos Hits: 17780
A Look Back at the Warren Court's Due Process Revolution Through the Lens of Immigrants Raquel E. Aldana and Thomas O'Donnell Hits: 1654
A Short History of Immigrant Rights in the United States Geoffrey Heeren Hits: 28671
African Immigrants, Intersectionality, and the Increasing Need for Visibility in the Current Immigration Debate Bolatito Kolawole Hits: 3540
Alabama Introduces the Immigration Debate to its Classrooms Jeremy B. Love Hits: 17370
America's Second-class Children: An Examination of President Trump's Immigration Policies on Migrant Children and Inquiry on Justice Through the Catholic Perspective Gabriel Sáenz Hits: 1504
An Invisible Border Wall and the Dangers of Internal Agency Control Jill E. Family Hits: 91
Anatomy of a Modern-day Lynching: The Relationship Between Hate Crimes Against Latina/os and the Debate over Immigration Reform Kevin R. Johnson and Joanna E. Cuevas Ingram Hits: 2037
Annotated Bibliography: No Fence, No Foul Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 19264
Anti-Blackness, Immigration Law, and Criminal Law Breanne Palmer Hits: 4646
Arizona, Immigration, and Latinos: The Epistemology of Whiteness George A. Martínez Hits: 2034
Automatic Birthright Citizenship: How Europe Has Fallen and Why We Should Not Follow Brooke Huley Hits: 6434
Banished and Overcriminalized: Critical Race Perspectives of Illegal Entry and Drug Courier Prosecutions Walter I. Gonçalves, Jr. Hits: 2602
Beyond the U Visa and Carceral Feminist “Crimmigration”: Transforming the VAWA Self-petition to Remedy Sexual Violence in Immigration Detention Monica Ramsy Hits: 543
Birthright Justice: the Attack on Birthright Citizenship and Immigrant Womenof Color Allison S. Hartry Hits: 17922
Black Sentiment on Immigration Makani Themba-Nixon Hits: 7715
Blacks and Browns: The Need to Make Common Cause Bruce Dixon Hits: 8743
Building Treaties Instead of Walls: How NAFTA and the USMCA Make the Case for Treaties as the Future of U.S. Immigration Policy Audrey E. Martin Hits: 407
Burlingame-Seward Treaty of 1868 Vernellia Randall Hits: 13203
Chinese Exclusion Laws, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 6590
Congress Never Purge Racial Animisty from Immigration Statutes Kelly Lytle Hernández, Mae Ngai, and Ingrid Eagly Hits: 736
Considering Race in American Immigration Jurisprudence Eli J. Kay-Oliphant Hits: 2011
Constructing Crimmigration: Latino Subordination in a “Post-Racial” World Yolanda Vazquez Hits: 2664
Contemporary First-generation European Americans: The Unbearable “Whiteness” of Being Dagmar Rita Myslinska Hits: 3772
Criminalization and the Politics of Migration in Brazil Jayesh Rathod Hits: 1261
Crimmigration –Structural Tools of Settler Colonialism Carrie L. Rosenbaum Hits: 1460
Critical Race Theory and Proposition 187: The Racial Politics of Immigration Law Ruben J. Garcia Hits: 3021
CRT and Immigration: Settler Colonialism, Foreign Indigeneity, and the Education of Racial Perception Josué López Hits: 1831
Deporting the Pardoned Jason A. Cade Hits: 8333
Digital Racial Borders E. Tendayi Achiume Hits: 119
Documentation Status, Neighborhood Disorder, and Attitudes Toward Police and Courts among Latina Immigrants Caitlin Cavanagh, Erica Dalzell and Elizabeth Cauffman Hits: 1802
Empowering Immigration Judges to Sanction Attorneys Abusing the Powerless Abraham Estuardo Bran Hits: 371
Ending Bogus Immigration Emergencies Cecillia D. Wang Hits: 1004
Enforcing Stereotypes: The Self-fulfilling Prophecies of U.S. Immigration Enforcement Katie Kelly Hits: 2477
Envisioning Community Paralegals in the United States: Beginning to Fix the Broken Immigration System Beenish Riaz Hits: 236
Fear of an "Alien Nation" Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 11758
Federal Preemption and Immigration Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 9171
Flight from Cuba Joyce A. Hughes Hits: 905
Gender and Alien Refugees Asylum Jennifer A. des Groseillier Hits: 6440
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses: an Overview of the Immigration System and Chevron Deference Gilbert Alexander Cotto-Lazo Hits: 213
Global Migrations and Imagined Citizenship Ernesto Hernndez-Lopez Hits: 7979
Haitians: Seeking Refuge in the United States Joyce A. Hughes and Linda R. Crane Hits: 1850
Harlan, Chinese and Chinese Americans Gabriel J. Chin Hits: 10756
Immigrant Latina Domestic Workers and Sexual Harassment Diana Vellos Hits: 20753
Immigrant Passing Andrew Tae-Hyun Kim Hits: 3311
Immigrant-Bashing: Why Now? Stephen H. Legomsky Hits: 9504
Immigrants with Prior Criminal Record Risk Removal from the United States Elizabeth R. Ouyang Hits: 14313
Immigration and Blackness Karla McKanders Hits: 2041
Immigration and Civil Rights: Is the “New” Birmingham the Same as the “Old” Birmingham? Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 6496
Immigration Enforcement and the Fugitive Slave Acts: Exploring Their Similarities Karla Mari McKanders Hits: 29501
Immigration in the Era of Trump: Jarring Social, Political, and Legal Realities Engy Abdelkader Hits: 936
Immigration Law and the Racialization of Latina /Latino Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 11552
Immigration Law Lessons from Deported Americans: Life after Deportation to Mexico Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 297
Immigration Law, Race, and Identity Kitty Calavita Hits: 1874
Immigration Policy and Public Health Polly J. Price Hits: 1902
Immigration, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 5814
Immigration, Sovereignty, and the Constitution of Foreignness Matthew J. Lindsay Hits: 7341
In-and-out Justice: How the Acceleration of Families Through Immigration Court Violates Due Process J. Nicole Alanko Hits: 418
Inclusive Immigrant Justice: Racial Animus and the Origins of Crime-based Deportation Alina Das Hits: 1902
Institutional Racism, ICE Raids, and Immigration Reform Bill Ong Hing Hits: 2937
Jailhouse Immigration Screening Eisha Jain Hits: 415
Making Immigration Law Hiroshi Motomura Hits: 182
Marriage and Morality: Examining the International MarriageBroker Regulation Act Noga Firstenberg Hits: 91611
Marrying Poor: Women's Citizenship, Race, and Tanf Policies Cristina Gallo Hits: 8374
Mezei's Day in Court: Debtors' Prisons, Substance Abuse, and the Permissiveness of Civil Detention in American Immigration Law Conor McDonough Hits: 1454
Migrant Workers: Connecting Domestic Law with International Labor Standards, Lance Compa Hits: 3222
Migration, Identity, & the Colonial Encounter Tayyab Mahmud Hits: 1611
Missing Immigrants in the Rhetoric of Sanctuary Ava Ayers Hits: 331
Moving Toward Transformation: Abolitionist Reforms and the Immigrants' Rights Movement Shiu-Ming Cheer Hits: 749
Nation of Immigrants: What an Ignorant and Offensive Myth! Vernellia Randall Hits: 322
Not Yet Forgiven for Being Black: Haiti's TPS, LDF, and the Protean Struggle for Racial Justice Raymond Audain Hits: 2022
Now the Border Is Everywhere: Why a Border Search Exception Based on Race Can No Longer Stand Sarah Houston Hits: 618
Now They've Robbed Me: The Use of Termination of Parental Rights in Government-fractured Immigrant Families Olivia Saldaña Schulman Hits: 1341
Opening Borders: African Americans and Latinos Through the Lens of Immigration Maritza I. Reyes Hits: 2361
Overcriminalizing Immigration Jennifer M. Chacón Hits: 7359
Papers Pleased Provision Uphelded (Arizona v. UniteStates)d Administrator Hits: 3217
Pleading the Fifth in Immigration Court: A Regulatory Proposal Tania N. Valdez Hits: 239
Pregnant in Captivity: Analyzing the Treatment of Pregnant Women in American Prisons and Immigration Detention Centers Wesley Smithart Hits: 1191
President Trump's Immigration Powers: Migratory Labor and Racial Animus Michael H. LeRoy Hits: 777
Quieting the Court: Lessons from the Muslim Ban Case Avidan Y. Cover Hits: 746
Race and Immigration Law: A Troubling Marriage Lisa Sandoval Hits: 1317
Races at the Gate: A Century of Racial Distinctions in American Immigration Policy (1865-1965) Patrick Weil Hits: 1443
Racial Animus Infects the Origins of the Undesirable Aliens Act of 1929 Kelly Lytle Hernández, Mae Ngai, and Ingrid Eagly Hits: 635
Relief and Statutes of Limitation for Deportable Noncitizens under Asian Exclusion, 1882-1948 Gabriel J. Chin Hits: 450
Removing Non-Citizen Parents of Citizen Children: The US Approach Patrick Glen Hits: 14698
School Attrition Through Enforcement: Title VI Disparate Impact and Verification of Student Immigration Status Paul Easton Hits: 6609
Show Me Your Papers”: An Equal Protection Violation of the Rights of Latino Men in Trump's America Monica Chawla Hits: 2248
The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act as Antecedent to Contemporary Latina/o/x Migration Mariela Olivares Hits: 1676
The Absurdity of Crime-based Deportation Kari Hong Hits: 3868
The Canadian Indian Free Passage Right and Explicit Race Restriction in United States Immigration Law Paul Spruhan Hits: 1676
The Case Against Race Profiling in Immigration Enforcement Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 521
The Crossroads: Being Black, Immigrant, and Undocumented in the Era of #Blacklivesmatter Breanne J. Palmer Hits: 2452
The Curious Relationship Between “Self-deportation” Policies and Naturalization Rates Angela M. Banks Hits: 6880
The Immigrant "Other": Racialized Identity and the Devaluation of Immigrant Family Relations Anita Ortiz Maddali Hits: 9196
The Impact of Prohibiting Legal Service Corporation Offices from Representing UndocumentedImmigrants on Migrant Farmworker Litigation Hits: 7679
The Importance of Standardized Data Collection and Reporting in Improving Medical Care for Immigration Detainees Allison Michelle Bowen Hits: 2418
The Political Behavior of Asian Indian American Women: Gendered and Generational Perspectives on Race, Immigration and Socio-economic Status Shankar K. Prasad and Caroline M. Nordlund Hits: 2343
The Rise of Zero Tolerance and the Demise of Family Mariela Olivares Hits: 1802
The Shifting Categorization of Immigration Law Tally Kritzman-Amir Hits: 1806
The Undocumented Worker and the Law Kati L. Griffith Hits: 8212
Traveling While Hispanic: Border Patrol Immigration Investigatory Stops at TSA Checkpoints and Hispanic Appearance Pablo Chapablanco Hits: 1532
Truth in Crisis: Critically Re-examining Immigration Rhetoric & Policy Under the Trump Administration Scott B. Astrada and Marvin L Astrada Hits: 1692
Undocumented Criminal Procedure Devon W. Carbado and Cheryl I. Harris Hits: 645
Undocumented Debtors Publishing Hits: 5953
United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923) Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 7163
What Killed the Dream? Recession Politics and the Ironic Power of the Undocumented Immigrant Mariela Olivares Hits: 7328
When Does Questioning Related to Immigration Status Constitute a Miranda Interrogation? Sophie Kosmacher Hits: 249
When Is Immigration Selection Discriminatory? Liav Orgad Hits: 62
Zero-tolerance: The Trump Administration's Human Rights Violations Against Migrants on the Southern Border Jeffrey R. Baker and Allyson McKinney Timm Hits: 362
The Political (Mis)representation of Immigrants in Voting Ming H. Chen and Hunter Knapp Hits: 362
The Intersection of Race, Bond, and "Crimmigration" in the United States Immigration Detention System Tremaine Hemans Hits: 2286
Broken Systems: Function by Design Phal Sok Hits: 250
Crossing the Border: The Interdependence of Foreign Policy and Racial Justice in the United States Natsu Taylor Saito Hits: 2225
“Appropriate” Education: Educating Undocumented Children in Detention Catalina V. Visico Hits: 1652
Is the "Hire American" Executive Order a Suspect Classification Michael H. LeRoy Hits: 1670
The Worst of Health: Law and Policy at the Intersection of Health & Immigration Wendy E. Parmet Hits: 2425
Undocumented, Untreated, Unhealthy: How the Expansion of FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers) Can Fill the Gaps of Basic Healthcare for Undocumented Immigrants Bethany A. Taylor Hits: 2893
Choosing Between Healthcare and a Green Card: the Cost of Public Charge Shanzeh Daudi Hits: 1225
Exposing the American History of Applying Racial Anxieties to Regulate and Devalue Latinx Immigrant Reproductive Rights Cristina A. Quiñónez Hits: 3451
Immigration Law as a Social Determinant of Health Wendy E. Parmet Hits: 1560
Deliberate Endangerment: Detention of Noncitizens During the Covid-19 Pandemic Karlyn Kurichety Hits: 1073
Immigrants and Interdependence: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Exposes the Folly of the New Public Charge Rule Medha D. Makhlouf and Jasmine Sandhu Hits: 1137
Immigration in the Time of COVID-19 (as of April 8, 2020) Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, et. al. Hits: 1742
Into the Unknown: Covid-19 and the Global Mobility of Migrant Workers Tesseltje de Lange, Sandra Mantu and Paul Minderhoud Hits: 1258
Migrants and Migrant Workers Vernellia Randall Hits: 1358
What are the Human Rights of Migrant Workers? The People's Movement for Human Rights Education Hits: 2272