Monday, December 05, 2022

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Food and Water

Title Published Date Author Hits
Scattered: the Assimilation of Sushi, the Internment of Japanese Americans, and the Killing of Vincent Chin, A Personal Essay 02 February 2020 Frank H. Wu Hits: 3755
Odor in the Court! And it Smells like Environmental Racism: How Big Pork Is Legally Abusing Poor Communities of Color in Eastern North Carolina 16 May 2021 Emily E. Harrison Hits: 1715
Fracking in Pueblo and Diné Communities 10 April 2021 Melodie Meyer Hits: 2292
Race, Risk, and Personal Responsibility in the Response to COVID 01 August 2021 Aziza Ahmed and Jason Jackson Hits: 1978
Segregation, Racial Health Disparities, and Inadequate Food Access in Brooklyn 17 June 2022 Silvia M. Radulescu Hits: 1876
Food and Water, Racism and Legal Scholarship 26 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 724
Hunger Games: Racial Politics and the U.S. Department of Agriculture 23 September 2021 Brendan W. Williams Hits: 1098
Ending the Interminable Gap in Indian Country Water Quality Protection 15 June 2021 James M. Grijalva Hits: 1461
The Carrot Is the Stick: Food as a Weapon of Systemic Oppression for Black Consumers and the Disenfranchisement of Black Farmers 07 June 2021 Shawn “Pepper” Roussel Hits: 2292
The Relationship Between Food Sovereignty and Hawaiian Health: the Implications Behind Alexander and Baldwin's Recent Land Sale 16 August 2020 Kaylee Kilolani Michiko Correa Hits: 5284
Desert in the City: The Effects of Food Deserts on Healthcare Disparities of Low-income Individuals 16 February 2020 Sonje Hawkins Hits: 2221
The Shortcomings of Regulating Pesticides Internationally and How Disadvantaged Communities Pay the Price 12 August 2019 Alex Sauerwein Hits: 1748
The Reservation Water Crisis: American Indians and Third World Water Conditions 17 July 2019 Adam Crepelle Hits: 4588
Building Indian Country's Future Through Food, Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Economic Development in the 2018 Farm Bill 22 May 2019 Janie Simms Hipp, Colby D. Duren and Erin Parker Hits: 1775
We Built it and They Did Not Come: Using New Governance Theory in the Fight for Food Justice in Low-income Communities of Color 15 July 2017 Deborah N. Archer and Tamara C. Belinfanti Hits: 4527