Final Grade Distribution


The final grade was calculated as follow:



Subjective Behavior


Racial Disparity



Exclusion is the combined rate of out of school suspensions, expulsions, emergency removal by a hearing officer and removal by District/School personnel. There is also a penalty for any exclusions in pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade and excessive exclusions in the 9th grade. Subjective Behavior Grade Schools received a grade if they had a large portion of exclusions for inappropriate discipline and non-violent behavior that is subject to individual comfort level and biases. The subjective behavior grade was based on the percentage of exclusions that was for disruptive/disobedient behavior, harassment/intimidation, and unwelcome sexual conduct. Racial disparity is the difference in exclusion based on race. In this report, it is measured by dividing the rate of the racial group with the highest exclusions by the rate of the racial group with the lowest exclusions