Vernellia R. Randall, Does Clinton's Health Care Reform Proposal Ensure [E]qual[ity of Health Care for Ethnic Americans and the Poor?, 60 Brooklyn Law Review 167 (1994) (Footnotes) (Full Document)



Introduction, p. 168

I. Description of the Health Security Act. p. 171
A. Structure, p. 171
B. Coverage, p. 175
C. Benefits, p. 176

II. Health Security Act Maintains a Structurally and Ideologically Flawed System, p. 177
A. Incomplete and Inadequate Ethical Foundations, p. 177
B. Protecting States' Autonomy to the Detriment of Ethnic Americans, p. 181
C. The Continuation of a Complex Employment- Based Health Insurance System with No Assurance of Cost Containment, p. 184
D. Expanding the Role of the Private Sector Despite Its Past Failure to Provide Adequate Care to Ethnic Americans and the Poor, p. 187
E. Failure to Insure Ethnic American Representation in Policy-Level Decisions, p. 190
F. Summary, p. 192

III. The Health Security Act Perpetuates a Fragmented System
A. Continuation of Inadequate Infrastructure, p. 193
1. Essential Community Providers, p. 195
2. Public Health and Rural Infrastructure, p. 197
3. Academic Health Centers, p. 201
4. Training of Health Care Professionals, p. 202
B. Lack of Universal Coverage, p. 204

IV. The Health Security Act Maintains a Culturally Incompetent System Based on Illness Care. p. 205
A. The Perpetuation of European American Culture, p. 206
B. Ineffective ‘Comprehensive‘ Coverage, p. 209

V. The Health Security Act Rations Health Care Through a Tiered System Based on Private Interests, p. 212
A. Health Care Plan Tiering, p. 215
B. Health Care Service Tiering, p. 220
C. Health Care Physician Tiering, p. 224

VI. The Health Security Act Inadequately Protects Against Health Care Discrimination, p. 226
A. Potentially Counterproductive Provisions, p. 226
1. National Health Board, p. 226
2. States, p. 226
3. Regional Health Alliances, p. 228
4. Corporate Health Alliances, p. 228
5. Health Plans, p. 229
6. Enforcement, p. 232
7. Data Collection, p. 234
8. Summary, p. 235
B. General Failures, p. 235

Conclusion, p. 237

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