WomenofcolorThis searchable database includes 3200+ law review articles on  Black women, Native women, Latinx women, and Asian women.

In 2024, 190 documents were added from 2023. There was 14800 hits.

Documents were gathered through an electronic database search using the following search terms:  (("African American" or "Black American" or Hispanic or Latino or Latinx or Latina or "Asian American" "Native Hawaiian" or "Pacific Islander" or "Native American" or  "American Indian"  or indigenous the same sentence with (racism or racial or racially or racist) and in the same sentence with (woman or women or female or girl or feminist or feminity).

The documents were not reviewed and may only be tangentially related to the topic. Furthermore, it is possible that an inappropriate article is included in the database. If you think an article is racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic or otherwise inappropriate,  please email with (1) the name of the database and (2) the complete name of the article. 


Racial/Ethnic Group Mentioned in Title or Summary Number
African/Black American 381
American Indian/Native American 112
Asian American 25
Hispanic/Latinx American 60
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander American  6
Multiple Groups  43
No Specific Group Mentioned 2573
As of January 31, 2024:  Total 3202



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