Monday, December 05, 2022

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South America

Title Published Date Author Hits
Latin American International Law and Afro-Descendant Peoples 03 December 2022 John Herlyn Antón Sánchez Hits: 277
Prosecuting International Environmental Crime Committed Against Indigenous Peoples in Brazil 17 November 2020 Lily Grisafi Hits: 2345
Gender Violence Against Afro-Colombian Women: Making the Promise of International Human Rights Law Real 08 June 2020 Julie Goldscheid Hits: 4767
In the Crosshairs: Centering Local Responses to Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Afro-Colombian Communities 07 June 2020 Babe Howell and Naree Sinthusek Hits: 4110
A Human Rights Crisis under Our Roof: United States, Nicaragua and Guinea 24 November 2021 Aglae Eufracio Hits: 2661
Third Party at the Table: Afro-Colombian Women's Struggle for Peace and Inclusion 06 February 2021 Lisa Davis Hits: 2412
Understanding Threats Against Afro-Descendant Women Human Rights Defenders: Re-envisioning Security 08 December 2020 J.M. Kirby and René Urueña Hits: 4248
‘Territory Is Everything’: Afro-Colombian Communities, Human Rights and Illegal Land Grabs 11 June 2020 Rebecca Bratspies Hits: 2981
The Restoration and Protection of Afro-Colombian Land to Establish Equality and Mitigate Violence 14 August 2019 Maria Claudia Fuentes Hits: 1554
Racial Discrimination in Argentina 01 April 2012 Human Rights Documentation Center Hits: 30709
Information Age Imperialism: China, ‘Race,’ and Neo-colonialism in Africa and Latin America 26 June 2021 James Dever and Jack Dever Hits: 2716