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Name of Tribe Location
Abnaki Northeast
Ais South
Alabama Southwest
Apache Southwest
Apalachi South
Apola South
Arikara Northwest
Arivaipi Southwest
Assiniboin Northwest
Atakapa Southwest
Atsina Northwest
Bannock Northwest
Biloxi South
Blackfoot Northwest
Brule Northwest
Caddo Southwest, South
Cahinnio South
Cahokia Midwest
Calusa South
Cape Fear South
Catawba  South
Cayug Northeast
Cayuse Pacific Northwest
Chakchiuma South
Chatot South
Chauilla  Pacific Northwest
Chawasha South
Chehaus Pacific Northwest
Chemehuevi Pacific Northwest
Cherokee South
Chickasaw South
Chinook Pacific Northwest
Chip Midwest
Chiricahua Southwest
Chitimacha South
Choctaw South
Chumash Pacific Northwest
Coahiultec Southwest
Cocapah Southwest
Coeur D'alene Northwest
Comanche Southwest
Coree South
Costano Pacific Northwest
Coushatta  Southwest
Coweta South
Cowlitz Pacific Northwest
Creek South
Crow Northwest
Cusabo South
Dakota Midwest
Delawar Northeast
Diegueno Pacific Northwest
Edisto South
Erie Midwest
Esselen Pacific Northwest
Faron Southwest
Flathead Northwest
Fox Midwest
Gabrieuno Pacific Northwest
Gileno Southwest
Gosiute  Southwest
Guale South
Guiacarka South
Havasupai Southwest
Hidatsa Northwest
Hidatsa Northwest
Houma South
Hunkpapa Northwest
Ia Pu Northwest
Illinois Midwest
Iowa Midwest
Iroquoi Northeast
Iuiseno Pacific Northwest
Jeaga South
Jicarilla Southwest
Jumamo Southwest
Kalapuya Pacific Northwest
Karankaw Southwest
Karok Pacific Northwest
Kaskaskia Midwest
Kauspel Pacific Northwest
Kichai Southwest
Kickapoo Midwest
Klamath Pacific Northwest
Kootenay Northwest
Kusa Pacific Northwest
Lemni Northwest
Leni-Lenati Northeast
Lipan Southwest
Lipan Apache Southwest
Llanero Southwest
Mahica Northeast
Maidu Pacific Northwest
Makah Pacific Northwest
Malecit Northeast
Mandan Northwest
Maricopa Southwest
Massachuset Northeast
Mdewkanton Midwest
Menominee Midwest
Mescalero Southwest
Mesquakie Midwest
Methow Pacific Northwest
Miami Midwest
Michiganea Midwest
Micmac Northeast
Mimbreno Southwest
Missouri Midwest
Miwok Pacific Northwest
Mobile South
Modoc Pacific Northwest
Mohawk Northeast
Moingwena Midwest
Mojave Pacific Northwest
Monacan South
Mono Pacific Northwest
Montauk Northeast
Muns Northeast
Nanticoke Northeast
Napochi South
Narraganset Northeast
Natchez South
Nauset Northeast
Navajo Southwest
Nez Perce Northwest
Nipuc Northeast
Nisqually Pacific Northwest
Northern Paiute Southwest
Nottoway South
Nuth Chal Nuth Pacific Northwest
Oglala Northwest
Ojibwa Midwest
Oneid Northeast
Onondag Northeast
Opata Southwest
Osage Northwest
Oto Northwest
Ottawa Midwest
Paiute  Southwest
Palus Pacific Northwest
Pamlico South
Panamint Pacific Northwest
Passamquoddy Northeast
Patwin Pacific Northwest
Paviotso Southwest
Pawnee Northwest
Pecos Southwest
Pend Porielle Northwest
Pennacook Northeast
Penobsco Northeast
Peoria Midwest
Pequot Northeast
Piankasha Midwest
Piegan Northwest
Pima Southwest
Pinal Southwest
Pomo Pacific Northwest
Ponca Omaha Northwest
Potawatomi Midwest
Pueblo Southwest
Quapaw South
Quechan Southwest
Quinault Pacific Northwest
Salinan Pacific Northwest
Sans Arc Northwest
Santee Midwest
Saponi South
Sauk Midwest
Saukcfox Midwest
Sawokli South
Secotan South
Senec Northeast
Serrano Pacific Northwest
Sewee South
Shasta Pacific Northwest
Shawnee Midwest
Shawnee South
Shinnecoc Northeast
Shoshone Northwest
Siletz Pacific Northwest
Siuslaw Pacific Northwest
Southern Paiute Southwest
Spokane Pacific Northwest
Squamish Pacific Northwest
Stono  South
Susquehanna Northeast
Tamaroa Midwest
Taposa South
Tawakoni Southwest
Tawehash Southwest
Tekesta South
Teton Dakota Northwest
Thomo O'odham Southwest
Timugua South
Tin-Amook Pacific Northwest
Tohome South
Tompiro Southwest
Tonkawa Southwest
Tula South
Tunica South
Tuscarora South
Tutelo South
Tutunti Pacific Northwest
Umatilla Pacific Northwest
Unalachtig Northeast
Uninh South
Ute Southwest
Vowhatan South
Waco Southwest
Wahpeton Midwest
Wailaki Pacific Northwest
Walapai Southwest
Walla Walla Pacific Northwest
Walpapi Pacific Northwest
Wappinge Northeast
Washa South
Wea Midwest
Weapemeoc South
Western Shoshone Southwest
Wichita Southwest
Wind River Shoshone Northwest
Winnebago Midwest
Wintun Pacific Northwest
Wiyot Pacific Northwest
Yakima Tenino Pacific Northwest
Yamasi South
Yankton Midwest
Yanktonai Dakota Northwest
Yaqui Southwest
Yaquina Alsea Pacific Northwest
Yavapai Southwest
Yokuts Pacific Northwest
Yuki Pacific Northwest
Yuma Southwest
Yurok Pacific Northwest
Zuni Coyotero Southwest

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