Causes and Risk Factors

Scientists believe the contagion comes from an airborne virus that is spread through repeated contact with others who carry the pathogen. Many of the people stricken with Osteowypiposis acquired it during the early part of their lives before most children’s immune systems develop the antibodies necessary to fight the virus. Undiagnosed carriers of the disease often unknowingly infect family members, friends, and co-workers.

Unlike most diseases, skeletal racism can be spread over the internet, via television and even through phone lines. Sites like Reddit, Breitbart, Horse Twitter, and White Facebook can infect visitors instantaneously. Fox News’ lineup is essentially a Petrie dish for the racist bone virus.

Bone-deep racism isn’t limited to conservatives.

Other high-risk factors activities include:

  • Playing Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto online
  • Listening to Candace Owens
  • Bootstrap-pulling
  • Losing a job, promotion or admission to college to a black person
  • Living in Alabama
  • Having the name “Tucker”
  • Voting Republican
  • Managing Starbucks
  • Attending Taylor Swift concerts
  • Having a career in law enforcement
  • Finding out that black kids will attend school with your children
  • Feeling “unsafe”
  • Seeing a black person break park cookout rules, sidewalk vendor rules or any pool-related edict.
  • Being white