What Is Skeletal Racism?

Congenital Osteowypiposis is a communicable disease that affects nearly 53 percent of white women and more than 62 percent of white males. Although the disorder is known as the “racist bone,” the disease actually infects the marrow, the cartilage, and tendons, spreading quickly to all parts of the body. The malady causes a blackening of the heart and a deterioration of the brain that results in severe delusion, the desire to say the n-word in retail stores, chronic apathy and an allergic reaction to people with melanin in their skin. Because of how the disease affects the brain’s cerebral cortex, most sufferers of skeletal racism truly believe they aren’t affected, even when the disease is in its most severe states.

While the disease is mostly found in people who wear flip-flops in the winter, in some instances, black men can contract the ailment, usually by announcing that they have “gifted hands” or marrying a Kardashian. Black women seem to be immune to the disease, although scientists note that there are rare cases called “Diamond and Silk Cell Anemia” where black women have been afflicted.