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Articles related to Slavery

Articles related to Slavery

Title Author Hits
Slavery in American Jurisprudence (Synopsis) Marie K. Pesando Hits: 1662
The Forgotten Story, Enduring Legacy, and Meaning of Slavery in America Artika R. Tyner Hits: 1332
American Slavery: the Complete Story Gearld A Foster Hits: 29406
An Essay on Slavery's Hidden Legacy: Social Hysteria and Structural Condonation of Incest Zanita E. Fenton Hits: 12097
Articles Sell Best Singly: the Disruption of Slave Families at Court Sales Thomas D. Russell Hits: 7953
Chief Justice Roger Taney's Defense and Justice Thurgood Marshall's Condemnation of the Precept of Black Inferiority A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Hits: 2468
Distant Voices Then and Now: The Impact of Isolation on the Courtroom Narratives of Slave Ship Captives and Asylum Seekers Tara Patel Hits: 1929
Echoes of Slavery II: How Slavery's Legacy Distorts Democracy Juan F. Perea Hits: 2111
Financial Freedom Suits: Bankruptcy, Race, and Citizenship in Antebellum America Rafael I. Pardo Hits: 1784
From Status to Agency: Abolishing the “Very Spirit of Slavery” Herman N. Johnson Jr. Hits: 3089
How the Proslavery Constitution Shaped American Race Relations Paul Finkelman Hits: 34829
Lincoln on Slavery Unknown Hits: 11299
Morals of Slavery (1837) Harriet Martineau Hits: 2710
Opinions of Early Presidents about Slavery Loyal Publication Society Hits: 20066
Race, the Rule of Law, and the Merchant of Venice: from Slavery to Citizenship Ken Masugi Hits: 9969
Racism: The Rhetorical Pacifier of Moral Qualms about Slavery Tania Tetlow Hits: 9258
Slave Trade Statistics Melville J. Herskovits Hits: 11924
The Fancy Trade and the Commodification of Rape in the Sexual Economy of 19th Century U.S. Slavery Tiye A .Gordon Hits: 1993
The Supreme Court and Slavery in the 1850s Paul Finkelman Hits: 36978
The Ten Precepts of American Slavery Jurisprudence Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Hits: 12915
The Ten Precepts of American Slavery Jurisprudence A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Hits: 9999
The Ten Precepts of American Slavery Jurisprudence A Leon Higginbotham Jr Hits: 6173
The Trials and Tribulations of Josephine Michael P. Mills Hits: 10609
William Lynch & The Slave Consultant's Narrative (Urban Myth) Unknown Hits: 11301
Between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King: James Pennington's Struggle for “Sacred Human Rights” Against Slavery John Witte, Jr. And Justin J. Latterell Hits: 988
Black Interests in Slaveries Karen E. Bravo Hits: 1654

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