XII. Mediagraphy

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__________, Separate But Equal? [sound recording] North Hollywood, Ca.: Center for Cassette Studies, 1971, 1 cassette, 2-track mono.

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Story of Thurgood Marshall. [sound recording] Famous Negro Leaders Series. Mahwah, N.J.: Troll Associates, [197-?]. 1 ips audiotape cassette.

Speech [by Thurgood Marshall], Convocation During the 10th Anniversary of Fund for the Republic. [sound recording] Broadcast on CSDI, December, 1962.1 sound tape reel 7:5 ips, mono 7 in., 1/4 in tape.

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A Tribute to Justice Thurgood Marshall [videorecording] West Layfette, IN.: Purdue University videocassette (VHS) (87 min.): sd., col.; 1/2 in.

Tushnet, Mark V., Thurgood Marshall: From the NAACP to the Supreme Court. [videorecording] The D. Bruce Mansfield Lecture Series. Recorded on Feb. 1, 1989 at the University of Akron. 1 videocassette (33 min.): sd., col., 1/2 in.