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HomeownershipThis searchable database includes  1900+ law review articles on housing. 

In 2023, 122 articles from 2022 were added.

Documents were gathered through an electronic database search using the following search terms:  (Within the title (house or housing or home or mortgages or rental or property) and (property or house or home or housing or mortgages or rental) in the same sentence with ( racism or racial! or race or or tribe or tribal or indigenous or Indian);

The documents were not reviewed and may only be tangentially related to the topic. Furthermore, it is possible that an inappropriate article is included in the database. If you think an article is racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic or otherwise inappropriate,  please email with (1) the name of the database and (2) the complete name of the article.

This database has list of all records (initially) or records that meet the condition (on search), Each record includes, at a minimum, title, citation. Some records include summaries.

Patrons can get an abstract of an article placed on the website. 
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