Response to TakeDown Notice on the law review excerpt by Shaytonna V. Bullock, Fee Simple Subject to Executory Interest: an Analysis of the Preemption and Revocation of Black Property Rights, 12 Southern Journal of Policy and Justice 205 (Fall 2018)


Notification of DMCA Infringement Complaint - - 24HR Notice

Hello Vernellia, 

We recently received a complaint that certain infringing material was posted on a website hosted on your server without the owner's authorization. This email is to notify you of the pending suspension of your web hosting account and related services pending resolution of this matter. Our Legal Dept must receive a response within the next 24hrs or your site will be disabled pending your response. 

Below is a copy of the complaint for your review. 

Please direct any questions or responses to our Legal Dept by emailing them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Additionally, in order to maintain an accurate record of all matters, we require that all information be sent via email or letter/facsimile only. Any telephone calls will not be returned. 

As you know, our services permit customers to host and make available content over the Internet. Although we do not affirmatively screen customer content, we also do not tolerate infringing material on our equipment and may suspend a site that appears to infringe on any intellectual property rights. Due to the potential legal exposure to us, no prior notice of a suspension is generally given and in most cases, customers are informed by the complainant of the complaint. 

Note, we will not engage in any battle with or between the parties and urge you to contact the complainant or its representative to resolve the matter. If you wish for this site to remain active on our servers and agree to remove the material voluntarily you MUST complete and return the attached declaration form. If you do not resolve this matter, pursuant to the terms and conditions you agreed to abide by, we will have no choice but to suspend your site. 

Since intellectual property claims are serious matters, if applicable, a DMCA counter-notifications may be submitted in accordance with the DMCA. Please be advised that any counter-notification, emails or other materials submitted may be forwarded to third parties, including the complainant for purposes of validating its contents. 

For additional information please visit:

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. 

InMotion Hosting Legal Admin Dept