Tuesday, December 06, 2022

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Education: Higher Education

Title Published Date Author Hits
Student Evaluations and the Problem of Implicit Bias 29 March 2020 Roger W. Reinsch, Sonia M. Goltz and Amy B. Hietapelto Hits: 6216
Dreaming with Dreamers When DACA Is at Risk: An Innovative and Legally Defensible Student-community Partnership Model to Bolster Financial Support for Undocumented College Students 22 June 2022 William C. Kidder Hits: 910
Call it What it Is: How Michigan's Public Universities Practice Affirmative Action for White Applicants 30 September 2022 McKenna L. Thayer Hits: 846
Testing the Limits: Asian Americans and the Debate Over Standardized Entrance Exams 19 July 2022 Vinay Harpalani Hits: 930
Asian Americans, Racial Stereotypes, and Elite University Admissions 21 May 2022 Vinay Harpalani Hits: 1735
Mobilizing Social Science Research to Inform Judicial Decision-making: SFFA V. Harvard 26 November 2021 Mike Hoa Nguyen, Douglas H. Lee, Liliana M. Garces, OiYan A. Poon and Janelle Wong Hits: 1264
Asian Americans and the Rejection of Honorary Whiteness 09 October 2021 Philip Lee Hits: 1795
“All (Poor) Lives Matter”: How Class-not-Race Logic Reinscribes Race and Class Privilege 03 December 2020 Jonathan P. Feingold Hits: 3151
Asian Americans and Affirmative Action--UNC Amicus Brief In the United States District Court 20 September 2020 Nicole Gon Ochi and OiYan Poon Hits: 5400
Affirming Affirmative Action by Affirming White Privilege: SFFA V. Harvard 29 April 2020 Jeena Shah Hits: 2526
The De-minoritization of Asian Americans: A Historical Examination of the Representations of Asian Americans in Affirmative Action Admissions Policies at the University of California 25 March 2020 Sharon S. Lee Hits: 3129
It's Not Free Speech: Race, Democracy and the Future of Academic Freedom 25 October 2022 Jonathan R. Alger Hits: 658
A Conversation on Education, Justice and Choice 23 April 2020 Janice Johnson Dias and Aya Graydon Hits: 2187
The Seal Has Been Lifted: NCAA and Predominantly White Colleges must Soon Stop Exploiting Their Black Athletes 08 September 2022 Daniel Bartlett Hits: 984
Diversity's Distractions Revisited: The Case of Latinx in Higher Education 16 July 2022 Rachel F. Moran Hits: 961
Testing the Limits: Asian Americans and the Debate over Standardized Entrance Exams 23 June 2022 Vinay Harpalani Hits: 1460
Pedagogies of Refusal as Racial Realist Praxis 16 June 2022 Ceci Lopez and Dolores Calderón Hits: 1432
The Failure of Zero-tolerance Policies in Addressing Hazing 03 November 2021 Gregory S. Parks Hits: 1047
Under the Guise of “Due Process”: Sexual Harassment and the Impact of Trump's Title Ix Regulations on Women Students of Color 21 September 2021 Haley C. Carter Hits: 1817
Reverse Integration: Centering HBCUS in the Fight for Educational Equality 23 August 2021 Stacy Hawkins Hits: 2053
Country Club Sports: The Disparate Impact of Athlete Admissions at Elite Universities 27 May 2021 William B. Morrison Hits: 1713
Teaching Race in Higher Education: An Annotated Bibliography 21 January 2021 Rutgers Center for Security, Race and Rights Hits: 1825
Lessons in Leadership: How Dillard University Juggled the Complexities of Campus Free Speech, the Demands of its Mission, and the Boundaries of the Law--all in a Matter of Days 10 November 2020 Robert B. Farrell Hits: 2025
Organizational Ideology and Institutional Problem-solving: Hazing Within Black Fraternities 08 November 2020 Gregory S. Parks and Matthew P. Hooker Hits: 1338
Demise of the Talented Tenth: Affirmative Action and the Increasing Underrepresentation of Ascendant Blacks at Selective Higher Educational Institutions 07 October 2020 Kevin Brown and Jeannine Bell Hits: 2471
Should Black Immigrants Be Favored over Black Hispanics and Black Multiracials in the Admissions Processes of Selective Higher Education Programs? 22 September 2020 Kevin Brown Hits: 2655
Plantation Labor or How Poor Black College Kids Support Wealth White College Kids 07 September 2020 Craig Garthwaite, Jordan Keener, Matthew J. Notowidigdo, and Nicole F. Ozminkowski Hits: 2631
What's the Point of Parity? Harvard, Groupness, and the Equal Protection Clause 20 May 2020 Issa Kohler-Hausmann Hits: 2410
Elite American Higher Education Institutions and White Supremacy (Amicus Curiae Brief) 29 November 2019 E. Christi Cunningham and Aderson Bellegarde François Hits: 10408
“Reverse Discrimination” and Higher Education Faculty 01 September 2019 Joyce A. Hughes Hits: 3865
How Workable Are Class-based and Race-neutral Alternatives at Leading American Universities? 08 August 2019 William C. Kidder Hits: 1978
Racial Indirection: Racially Disproportionate Results and the Use of Race 31 July 2019 Yuvraj Joshi, Hits: 2144
And Even More of Us Are Brave: Intersectionality & Sexual Harassment of Women Students of Color 15 June 2019 Nancy Chi Cantalupo, Hits: 2301
Hazing, Black Sororities, and Organizational Dynamics 11 June 2019 Gregory S. Parks and E. Bahati Mutisya Hits: 5167
Don't Remind Me: Stereotype Threat in High-stakes Testing 10 June 2019 Arusha Gordon Hits: 2322
NCOBRA et. al. Brief Amici Curiae of Grutter v. Bollinger 04 March 2019 NCOBRA and NCBL Hits: 8650
Black America and School Choice: Charting a New Course 16 January 2019 TBA Hits: 2408
Implicit Bias, Normalizing Blackness and Black Female Stem Faculty at HBCUs 09 January 2019 Loretta A. Moore, Candis Pizzetta, Angela Mae Kupenda and Evelyn J. Leggette Hits: 3593
Student Protests and Academic Freedom in an Age of #BlackLivesMatter 10 September 2018 Philip Lee Hits: 2961
How University Title IX Enforcement and Other Discipline Processes (Probably) Discriminate Against Minority Students 16 March 2018 Ben Trachtenberg Hits: 4252
Race for Results: Building a Foundation for All Kids 22 April 2014 The Anne E Casey Foundation Hits: 4115
Black Greek-letter Organizations : Belief, Truth, and Positive Organizational Deviance 28 April 2013 Gregory S. Parks, Shayne E. Jones and Matthew W. Hughey Hits: 10421
Affirming Diversity at the Expense of the Principle of Racial Equality 01 June 2012 Maurice C. Daniels and Cameron Van Patterson Hits: 9624
Regulatory Roadblocks to College Access for Low-Income and Minority Students 25 May 2012 Anthony J. Guida Jr and David Figuli Hits: 7902
Sweatt V. Painter and Undocumented College Students in Texas 18 May 2012 Gabriel J. Chin Hits: 8307
Preserving Diversity in Higher Education: A Manual on Admissions Policies and Procedures After the University of Michigan Decisions. 24 April 2012 Bingham McCutchen LLP Morrison & Foerster LLP Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe LLP Hits: 4178
I Am Once Again Asking for Federal Student Loan Debt Reform: a Discussion on Federal Student Loan Debt and its Negative Effects on the Race Wealth Gap 15 May 2022 Magdalene Mannebach Hits: 1382
Pandemic Possibilities: Rethinking Measures of Merit 20 July 2021 Jonathan D. Glater Hits: 2426
Black Youths Lost, White Fortunes Found: Sports Betting and the Commodification and Criminalization of Black Collegiate Athletes 06 February 2022 Frank J. Vandall and Tallulah Lanier Hits: 1953