Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Public Health


Title Published Date Author Hits
Pursuing Citizenship During Covid 01 May 2022 Ming Hsu Chen Hits: 740
The Tribal Right to Exclude Others from Indian-owned Lands 11 September 2021 Alex Tallchief Skibine Hits: 1042
Reparations for Racial Wealth Disparities as Remedy for Social Contract Breach 08 June 2022 Martha M. Ertman Hits: 1042
The Coronavirus Pandemic And the Demand for Reparations 29 April 2020 National African American Reparations Commission Hits: 3250
Immigration Policy and Public Health 13 November 2019 Polly J. Price Hits: 2471
COVID-19 Related Litigation: Challenges to Election and Voting Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic 29 January 2021 Elizabeth Williams Hits: 2546
Collateral Consequences and Collateral Harm: The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Catalyst for Equitable Reintegration Reform 05 July 2022 Melissa Maher Hits: 232
When the Conditions Are the Confinement: Eighth Amendment Habeas Claims During COVID 27 July 2022 Michael L. Zuckerman Hits: 263
Locked up and Locked down in the Land of the Free: A Look at the United States' Prisons and Covid-19's Disproportionate Effect on Black Americans' Right to Health 06 June 2022 Zachary Parrish Hits: 665
Sentenced to Six Months and a Body Bag: Redefining Deliberate Indifference Behind Bars During the Covid-19 Pandemic 05 May 2022 Anna L. Bank Hits: 825
Covid-19 and the “Virtual” School-to-Prison Pipeline 24 June 2021 Victor M. Jones Hits: 1207
Race, School Policing, and Public Health 17 June 2021 Thalia González Hits: 1065
Justice for All in Mediation: What the Pandemic, Racial Justice Movement, and the Recognition of Structural Racism Call Us to Do as Mediators 14 July 2022 Isabelle R. Gunning Hits: 264
From Digital Disparity to Educational Excellence: Closing the Opportunity and Achievement Gaps for Lowincome, Black, and Latinx Students 11 July 2021 Christopher Cruz Hits: 1074
Education Connection: Education in the Time of Covid-19: Remote Learning's Mixed Effects on Students and the School System 26 June 2021 Ariel Katz Hits: 1088
Die Žhnlichkeiten: Learning from Similarities and Key Differences Between U.s. and German Education Policy in the Time of Covid-19 25 June 2021 Hannah Cholewinski Hits: 1214
Requiring Parents to Waive Rights: Education Contracts of Adhesion in the Covid-19 Pandemic 01 May 2021 Leah A. Plunkett and Michael S. Lewis Hits: 1315
Together but Unequal: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Exacerbated the Inequities Harming Minority Law Students 12 June 2022 Khrystan Nicole Policarpio and Grecia Orozco Hits: 371
Pandemic Pressures on Faculty 25 May 2022 Meera E. Deo Hits: 900
Legal Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Put Health, Safety and Equity First 29 July 2021 Catherine J.K. Sandoval, Patricia A. Cain, Stephen F. Diamond, Allen S. Hammond, Jean C. Love, Stephen E. Smith and Solmaz Nabipour Hits: 1482
The Mistreatment of Black-owned Businesses During the First and Second Rounds of the Paycheck Protection Program 11 August 2022 Ashley Evans Hits: 146
The Impact of Covid-19 on the Older Workforce: Reforms to Ensure a Safer Future for Older Workers 01 June 2022 Angela Coco Hits: 533
Preserving Pandemic Protections 26 November 2021 Daiquiri J. Steele Hits: 1004
The Human Right to Workplace Safety in a Pandemic 13 July 2021 Ruben J. Garcia Hits: 1106
Meat Processing Workers and the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Subrogation of People, Public Health, and Ethics to Profits and a Path Forward 02 July 2021 Kelly K. Dineen Hits: 1236
Breaking Down Status 28 March 2021 Kaiponanea T. Matsumura Hits: 1318
Practicing on Uneven Ground: Raising Environmental Justice Claims under Race Neutral Laws 17 February 2022 Brenda Mallory and David Neal Hits: 629
Black Urban Ecologies and Structural Extermination 07 November 2021 Etienne C. Toussaint Hits: 1294
From Covid-19 to Climate Change: Disaster & Inequality at the Crossroads 25 June 2021 Cinnamon P. Carlarne Hits: 869
Gun Violence and De Facto Segregation: Could Environmental Discrimination Be Fueling Chicago's Soaring Gun Violence? 13 May 2021 Joerika Stitt Hits: 1416
Quiet Suffocation: California Oil and Gas Production near Communities of Color Is a Public Health Crisis 24 March 2021 Jade Wolansky Hits: 1103
Shelter from the Storm: Human Rights Protections for Single-mother Families in the Time of Covid-19 02 July 2021 Theresa Glennon, Alexis Fennell, Kaylin Hawkins and Madison McNulty Hits: 1528
Child Welfare, Reasonable Efforts, and Covid 24 June 2021 Anita Weinberg and Lilia Valdez Hits: 810
Developments in the Quest to Advance Equity in Maternal and Child Health in the Age of Covid-19: the Bad, the Good, and the Promising 13 June 2022 Andrea M. Ferrari Hits: 453
Retaining Medicaid Covid-19 Changes to Support Community Living 23 December 2021 Elizabeth Edwards, David Machledt and Jennifer Lav Hits: 768
Racial Disparities in Mental Health Treatment: How Indiana Misses the Mark in Providing Accessible and Quality Treatment Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic 11 July 2022 Allyson Crane Hits: 318
Covid: A Silver Linings Playbook 20 July 2022 Anna Reed Hits: 218
How Public Health Informed Lawmaking Would Address the Rising Synthetic Opioid Death Toll 14 April 2022 Jennifer S. Bard Hits: 964
Health in All Policies: An Approach to Combatting Racism's Impact on Public Health 14 April 2022 Marie Carp Hits: 802
Examining Sociodemographic Data Reporting Requirements in State Disease Surveillance Systems 13 February 2022 Samantha Bent Weber, Amanda Moreland, Rachel Hulkower andTara Ramanathan Holiday Hits: 268
The Historical Roots of Mistrust in Science 19 August 2021 Emily Bergeron Hits: 870
Social Justice as a Necessary Guide to Public Health Disaster Response 13 April 2021 Stephen S. Hanson Hits: 659
Racism is a Public Health Crisis. Here’s how to respond. 03 September 2020 Ruqaiijah Yearby, Crystal N. Lewis, and Kira BanksKeon L. Gilbert and Hits: 1282
Dying to Belong: Racism as a Public Health Issue 27 August 2020 Montrece M. Ransom Hits: 955
Taking a Community Approach to Preventing the Creation of a Biological Underclass 23 June 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 8181
A Framework for Tribal Public Health Law 15 March 2020 Aila Hoss Hits: 2021
COVID-19 Pandemic, The World Health Organization, and Global Health Policy 24 July 2022 Cosmas Emeziem Hits: 275
Tribes, Vaccines, and Covid-19: A Look at Tribal Responses to the Pandemic 15 July 2022 Adam Crepelle Hits: 269
The Public/Private Distinction in Public Health: The Case of COVID-19 12 July 2022 Jason Jackson and Aziza Ahmed Hits: 291
Diversity's Pandemic Distractions 09 July 2022 Jonathan Kahn Hits: 204
Covid-19 and the Perils of Free-market Parenting: Why it Is past Time for the United States to Install Government Supports for Families 06 July 2022 Maxine Eichner Hits: 237
Prisons, Nursing Homes, and Medicaid: A Covid-19 Case Study in Health Injustice 30 June 2022 Mary Crossley Hits: 500
Socially Distant Health Care 17 June 2022 Allyson E. Gold, Alicia Gilbert and Benjamin J. McMichael Hits: 406
A Tale of Two Cities: Interpreting Racial Disparity in Enforcement of Stay-at-home Orders & Social Distancing Rules in New York 10 June 2022 Sarah Hopkins Hits: 641
The Need for Social Support from Law Schools During the Era of Social Distancing 20 May 2022 Michele Okoh and Ines Ndonko Nnoko Hits: 623
Protecting the Pandemic Essential Worker 19 May 2022 Mechele Dickerson Hits: 473
Supporting Native American Communities During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Checkpoints, Tribal Sovereignty, and the Implications of Mcgirt V. Oklahoma 16 May 2022 Elizabeth Hidalgo Hits: 648
The Coronavirus as a Changemaker: Opportunities to Advance American Maternal Care in the Wake of the Pandemic 13 May 2022 Rachel Anderson-Seller Hits: 728
Well, at Least They Tried: Deliberate Indifference as Prison Officials' Liability Scapegoat for Objectively Inhumane Prison Conditions During Covid-19 05 May 2022 Mary Levine Hits: 870
Essential But Ignored: Covid-19 Litigation and the Meatpacking Industry 19 April 2022 Alexia Brunet Marks Hits: 653
Bring the Masks and Sanitizer: The Surprising Bipartisan Consensus about Safety Measures for In-person Voting During the Coronavirus Pandemic 10 April 2022 Joshua A. Douglas and Michael A. Zilis Hits: 1019
Air Quality Equity: Why the Clean Air Act Failed to Protect Low-income Communities and Communities of Color from Covid-19 04 April 2022 Helen Sprainer Hits: 826
Vaccinating Urban Populations in Response to Covid-19: Legal Challenges and Options 31 March 2022 James G. Hodge, Jr., Jennifer L. Piatt, Leila F. Barraza, Rebecca Freed and Summer Ghaith Hits: 439
Can Covid-19 Teach Us How to End Mass Incarceration? 28 March 2022 Amy Fettig Hits: 649
Dying While Black: COVID-19, Chronic Racial Stress and the Inadequacey of the Law (Video) 27 March 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 11324
Federal Efforts to Provide [COVID-19] Vaccines to Racial and Ethnic Groups 11 March 2022 GAO Reports Hits: 855
Racism, Health Equity, and Crisis Standards of Care in the Covid-19 Pandemic 14 February 2022 Charlene Galarneau and Ruqaiijah Yearby Hits: 1254
Covid-19, Courts, and The “Realities of Prison Administration” Part II: the Realities of Litigation 14 February 2022 Chad Flanders Hits: 409
Lessons Learned from Community-driven Responsiveness During Covid-19 14 February 2022 Amanda Harris, Brittíni “Ree Belle” Gray, Ciearra Walker and Melinique Walls Castellanos Hits: 317
Disability, Access, and Other Considerations: a Title Ii Framework for a Pandemic Crisis Response (Covid-19) 14 February 2022 George M. Powers, Lex Frieden and Vinh Nguyen Hits: 433
Retaining Medicaid Covid-19 Changes to Support Community Living 14 February 2022 Elizabeth Edwards, David Machledt and Jennifer Lav Hits: 438
Validity of Tribal Checkpoints in South Dakota to Curb the Spread of Covid-19 14 February 2022 Ann E. Tweedy Hits: 768
Policies of Exclusion: The Impact of Covid-19 on People with Disabilities 13 February 2022 Amanda M. Caleb and Stacy Gallin Hits: 511
Coronavirus (Covid-19), Race and Racism: U.S.A. Legal Documents (Searchable Database) 07 February 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 19879
Covid-19, Doctors, and the “Realities of Prison Administration” Part I: The Realities of a Subject Matter Expert 05 February 2022 Fred Rottnek Hits: 753
Racial Equity: Disparities Task Forces as a Strategy to Ensure an Equitable Pandemic Response 05 February 2022 Dawn M. Hunter and Betsy Lawton Hits: 1080
The Urban Trauma Drama: The Intersecting Path of Criminal Justice and Public Health Revealed During the Covid-19 Pandemic 18 December 2021 José Felipé Anderson Hits: 1163
Privacy in a Pandemic: An Examination of the United States' Response to Covid-19 Analyzing Privacy Rights Afforded to Children under International Law 04 November 2021 R. Chantz Richens Hits: 1013
Courts and Civil Justice in the Time of Covid: Emerging Trends and Questions to Ask 23 October 2021 Helen Hershkoff and Arthur R. Miller Hits: 731
Covid-19 and Digital Contact Tracing: Regulating the Future of Public Health Surveillance 17 October 2021 Divya Ramjee, Pollyanna Sanderson and Imran Malek Hits: 1213
Systemic Racism, the Government's Pandemic Response, and Racial Inequities in Covid-19 10 October 2021 Ruqaiijah Yearby and Seema Mohapatra Hits: 1405
A Dose of Dignity: Equitable Vaccination Policies for Incarcerated People and Correctional Staff During the Covid-19 Pandemic 22 September 2021 Itay Ravid, Jordan M. Hyatt and Steven L. Chanenson Hits: 1038
Impact of the Coronavirus and Federal Responses on Indigenous Peoples' Health, Security, and Sovereignty 17 September 2021 Libby Smith Hits: 1473
Period Poverty in a Pandemic: Harnessing Law to Achieve Menstrual Equity 30 August 2021 Bridget J. Crawford and Emily Gold Waldman Hits: 1259
Infected by Bias: Behavioral Science and the Legal Response to Covid-19 30 August 2021 Doron Teichman and Kristen Underhill Hits: 663
(Un)masking the Truth - The Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Prisoners Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic 29 August 2021 Ariel Berkowitz Hits: 972
Ruthless Utilitarianism? Covid-19 State Triage Protocols May Subject Patients to Racial Discrimination and Providers to Legal Liability 29 August 2021 Miriam F. Weismann and Cheryl Holder Hits: 1237
Color of COVID and Gender of COVID: Essential Workers, Not Disposable People 20 August 2021 Catherine Powell Hits: 1786
Disposable Lives: Covid-19, Vaccines, and the Uprising 02 August 2021 Matiangai Sirleaf Hits: 1380
Race, Risk, and Personal Responsibility in the Response to COVID 01 August 2021 Aziza Ahmed and Jason Jackson Hits: 1144
Pandemic Possibilities: Rethinking Measures of Merit 20 July 2021 Jonathan D. Glater Hits: 1673
Pandemic Surveillance Discrimination and the Racialization of Public Health Crises 14 July 2021 Christian Powell Sundquist Hits: 931
Covid-19 Mutual Aid, Anti-Authoritarian Activism, and the Law 14 July 2021 Michael Haber Hits: 1255
On Being Black, Female, and Marginalized During the Covid-19 02 July 2021 Patricia A. Broussard, Cheryl T. Page and Angela Downes Hits: 4037
Allocating Medicine Fairly in an Unfair Pandemic 05 June 2021 Govind Persad Hits: 858
Applying the Health Justice Framework to Address Health and Health Care Inequities Experienced by People with Disabilities During and after Covid-19 03 June 2021 Robyn M. Powell Hits: 1746
The Implications of Covid-19 on Potential Jury Attitudes and Perspectives 03 June 2021 Christopher W. Martin and Rick Goldberg Hits: 949
Even in a Pandemic, Sunlight Is the Best Disinfectant: Covid-19 and Global Freedom of Expression 22 May 2021 Michael Karanicolas Hits: 953
Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020: a Constitutional and Policy Review of Involuntary Medical Quarantine 19 May 2021 Andres F. Quintana and Mikayla R. Quintana Hits: 1157
The Covid-19 Pandemic in a Time of Deglobalization: Challenges and Perspectives for Global Governance and International Cooperation 06 May 2021 Liliana Lyra Jubilut and Angela Limongi Alvarenga Alves Hits: 1357
Toward Tribal Regulatory Sovereignty in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic 06 May 2021 Katherine Florey Hits: 1122
Reproductive Injustice and COVID-19 23 April 2021 Seema Mohapatra Hits: 1200
Anti-Racist Epidemiology, Reparations and COVID-19 04 April 2021 Jake Miller Hits: 1447
Abortion in the Time of Covid-19: Telemedicine Restrictions and the Undue Burden Test 03 April 2021 Katherine Fang and Rachel Perler Hits: 1293
Preliminary Thoughts on Access to Justice in the Age of Covid-19 03 April 2021 Benjamin P. Cooper Hits: 1021
Home Is Where the Birth Is: Race, Risk, and Labor During Covid-19 03 April 2021 Jennifer C. Nash Hits: 1197
Sheltering in Place: How California Confronted Covid-19's Looming Eviction Crisis under the Contract Clause 03 April 2021 Matt Urban Hits: 1140
The Increased Exposure to Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Reducing Most Prison Terms Due to the Harsh Incidental Consequences of Prison 25 March 2021 Mirko Bagaric, Peter Isham and Jennifer Svilar Hits: 1525
Of American Fragility: Public Rituals, Human Rights, and the End of Invisible Man 04 March 2021 Etienne C. Toussaint Hits: 1085
Coronavirus (Covid-19), Race and Racism: U.S.A. News Articles (Searchable Database) 07 February 2021 Vernellia Randall Hits: 16988
COVID-19 Related Litigation: Constitutionality of Stay-at-Home, Shelter-in-Place, and Lockdown Orders 29 January 2021 Linda A. Sharp Hits: 1145
Forsaken Heroes: Covid-19 and Frontline Essential Workers 15 January 2021 James J. Brudney Hits: 1610
Covid-19 Reflections on Resilience and Reform in the Child Welfare System 15 January 2021 Kele Stewart and Robert Latham Hits: 1416
Covid-19's Impact on Students with Disabilities in Under-Resourced School Districts 15 January 2021 Crystal Grant Hits: 1690
Access to Public Records and the Role of the News Media in Providing Information about Covid-19 23 December 2020 Adam A. Marshall and Gunita Singh Hits: 1644
Into the Unknown: Covid-19 and the Global Mobility of Migrant Workers 22 December 2020 Tesseltje de Lange, Sandra Mantu and Paul Minderhoud Hits: 2252
Canadian Criminal Law During (and After) COVID-19 21 December 2020 Terry Skolnik Hits: 2099
Policing Opioid Use Disorder in a Pandemic 17 December 2020 Jennifer D. Oliva Hits: 1819
Mass Incarceration, COVID-19, and Community Spread 15 December 2020 Gregory Hooks and Wendy Sawyer Hits: 1696
Masking Up: A Covid-19 Face-off Between Anti-mask Laws and Mandatory Mask Orders for Black Americans 03 December 2020 Caroline V. Lawrence Hits: 2075
Covid-19 and Criminal Justice 02 December 2020 Valena Beety and Brandon L. Garrett Hits: 1744
Mass Incarceration, Meet Covid-19 02 December 2020 Sharon Dolovich Hits: 1670
The Color of Coronavirus: Covid-19 Deaths by Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. 22 November 2020 APM RESEARCH LAB STAFF Hits: 1173
Immigrants and Interdependence: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Exposes the Folly of the New Public Charge Rule 31 October 2020 Medha D. Makhlouf and Jasmine Sandhu Hits: 1712
Protecting Vulnerable Employees of Covid-19 Pandemic Through Reasonable Accommodation 22 October 2020 Merrick T Rossein Hits: 5941
COVID-19 Related Litigation: Effect of Pandemic on Release from Federal Custody 30 September 2020 Fern L. Kletter Hits: 1798
The Risks of Criminalizing Covid-19 Exposure: Lessons from HIV 20 September 2020 Naomi Seiler, Anya Vanecek, Claire Heyison and Katherine Horton Hits: 2266
COVID-19, Racial Injustice and Reproductive Rights 10 September 2020 Ariane Frosh Hits: 1940
Staying Healthy in a Pandemic: How the Covid-19 Emergency Has Strengthened Barriers to Healthcare for California's Vulnerable Populations 10 September 2020 Adrian Slipski Hits: 1660
Deliberate Endangerment: Detention of Noncitizens During the Covid-19 Pandemic 10 September 2020 Karlyn Kurichety Hits: 1746
COVID-19 Related Litigation: Effect of Pandemic on Release from State and Local Custody 10 September 2020 Jay M. Zitter Hits: 1505
1200 Dollars and a Mule: COVID-19, The Cares Act, and Reparations for Slavery 10 September 2020 Kaimipono David Wenger Hits: 2160
Democrats Want Health Study to Determine Cause of Covid-19 Disparities 27 August 2020 CQ Roll Call staff Hits: 1617
Democratic Senators Push Language Access for Covid-19 Materials 27 August 2020 CQ Roll Call staff Hits: 1894
Congressional Democrats Demand That Federal Reserve Examine Racial Employment Gaps — Proposed Legislation 27 August 2020 CCH INCORPORATED Hits: 1686
Resolving Tensions Between Disability Rights Law and Covid-19 Mask Policies 20 August 2020 Elizabeth Pendo, Robert Gatter and Seema Mohapatra Hits: 1877
Voting During a Pandemic: Vote-by-Mail Challenges for Native Voters 19 August 2020 Patty Ferguson-Bohnee and James Thomas Tucker Hits: 2509
#Livingwhileblack in the Era of COVID-19: Race, Space, and Surveillance 15 August 2020 Lolita Buckner Inniss Hits: 1917
Why the Special Needs Doctrine Is the Most Appropriate Fourth Amendment Theory for Justifying Police Stops to Enforce Covid-19 Stay-at-home Orders 05 August 2020 Henry F. Fradella Hits: 1792
COVID-19: Restoring Civil Rights and Liberties for Young People in Texas Schools 04 August 2020 Andrew R. Hairston Hits: 1588
Covid-19's Next Victim? The Rights of the Accused 23 July 2020 Dubin Research & Consulting Hits: 3228
Covid-19, Racism and the Conundrum of Mask Requirements 10 July 2020 Robert Gatter and Seema Mohapatra Hits: 4352
Structural Inequality: The Real Covid-19 Threat to America's Health and How Strengthening the Affordable Care Act Can Help 05 July 2020 Dayna Bowen Matthew Hits: 4440
Dying While Black, COVID-19, and the Failure of the Legal System 02 July 2020 Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 3703
Covid-19 — The Law and Limits of Quarantine 18 June 2020 Wendy E. Parmet and Michael S. Sinha Hits: 1453
Revised Testimony of Professor Benjamin G. Davis On COVID-19 30 May 2020 Benjamin G. Davis Hits: 5670
Written Testimony on the Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 on Communities of Color DUE June 10 25 May 2020 Richard Neal Hits: 1783
COVID-19 and Prisoners’ Rights 23 May 2020 Gregory Bernstein, Hits: 1464
Immigration in the Time of COVID-19 (as of April 8, 2020) 23 May 2020 Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, et. al. Hits: 2422
Public Health Law Tools: A Brief Guide 23 May 2020 Kristen Underhill Hits: 2003
Rising to the Surface: Disasters and Racial Health Disparities in American History 03 May 2020 Marian Moser Jones Hits: 4497
Why the Coronavirus Is So Confusing: A guide to making sense of a problem that is now too big for any one person to fully comprehend 02 May 2020 Ed Yong Hits: 2322
COVID-19 & Race: Build an Equitable Economy 28 April 2020 PolicyLink Hits: 1696
COVID-19 & Race: Protect and Expand Community Voice and Power 28 April 2020 PolicyLink Hits: 1496
COVID-19 & Race: Invest in Community Infrastucture 28 April 2020 PolicyLink Hits: 1683
COVID-19 & Race: Center Racial Equity 27 April 2020 PolicyLink Hits: 1698
COVID-19 & Race: Principles for a Common-Sense,Street-Smart Recovery: Complete Set 27 April 2020 PolicyLink Hits: 1914
COVID-19 & Race: Put People First! 27 April 2020 PolicyLink Hits: 1676
Coronavirus Equity Considerations (NAACP) 25 April 2020 NAACP Hits: 1590
COVID-19’s Impact on Communities of Color: A Digital Town Hall with Women of Color Congressional Leaders 22 April 2020 Congressional Progressive Caucus Center Hits: 2059
Federal Agencies to Vigilantly Enforce Civil Rights Laws During and in the Wake of the COVID-19 Crisis 22 April 2020 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Hits: 1831
Black Los Angeles Demands in Light of COVID-19 and Rates of Black Death 21 April 2020 Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Hits: 3066
 Native Peoples Amid the COVID-19 Threat 20 April 2020 Christine Samuel-Nakamura and Felicia Schanche Hits: 2812
COVID-19 and Constitutional Rights 18 April 2020 Jackie McDermott and Lana Ulrich Hits: 1617
Racial Disparities & COVID-19 17 April 2020 The Movement for Black Lives Hits: 2605
Coronavirus (Covid-19), Racial Minorities and the Guidelines for Opening America Up Again 16 April 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2546
Collective Response to the COVID-19 Impact on African Americans and other Priority Populations 14 April 2020 NAATPN Hits: 1978
United States Racism and the COVID19 Pandemic 09 April 2020 Roger Wareham and Viola Plummer Hits: 2564
Webinar: Understanding Coronavirus Pandemic's Excess Black Deaths 09 April 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 5414
SIGN THE PETITION: Demand insurance companies prioritize the health of Black people and extend health insurance coverage. 08 April 2020 Color of Change Hits: 3435
Lawyers Committee - Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Race 07 April 2020 Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Hits: 2092
NEOBHC Demands Covid-19 Race/ethnicity Statistics from Cuyahoga County 07 April 2020 Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition Hits: 3152
Coronavirus: Communities of Color at Higher Health and Economic Risk 07 April 2020 Samantha Artiga Fr, Rachel Garfield, and Kendal Orgera Hits: 2580
Lawyers Committee - Letter to DHHS on Racial Data and Coronavirus 07 April 2020 Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Hits: 2406
Congressional Representatives' Letter to DHHS Re Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Response 06 April 2020 Elizabeth Warren, Ayanna Pressley, Kamala D. Harris, Robin L. Kelly, and Cory A. Booker Hits: 2967
The Overlooked Tragedy of the Pandemic: How Media Coverage of the Covid-19 Pandemic Has Led to an Increase in Anti-asian Bias and Xenophobia 04 May 2022 Justin J. Hill Hits: 1124
HUD's Collaboration with Tribal Nations to Respond to Covid-19 v 15 November 2021 Elly Kugler and Kyra Perrigo Hits: 1345
Looking for a Silver Lining: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Forces New York to Reckon with its Affordable Housing Crisis 02 July 2021 Daniel Finnegan Hits: 839
Residential Eviction and Public Housing: Covid-19 and Beyond 15 June 2021 Anne Kat Alexander Hits: 918
Temporality in a Time of Tam, or Towards a Racial Chronopolitics of Intellectual Property Law 02 July 2021 Anjali Vats Hits: 980
The Covid-19 Vaccine Race: Intellectual Property, Collaboration(s), Nationalism and Misinformation 06 May 2021 Ana Santos Rutschman Hits: 956
COVID-19, The Shadow Pandemic, and Access to Justice for Survivors of Domestic Violence 09 April 2022 Jennifer Koshan, Janet Mosher and Wanda Wiegers Hits: 720
The Need to Reimagine Disability Rights Law Because the Medical Model of Disability Fails Us All 16 June 2021 Angélica Guevara Hits: 1295
Pandemic: Covid-19 and the Public Health Emergency in Japan 06 May 2021 Shigenori Matsui Hits: 1724
Realising Economic and Social Rights Beyond Covid-19: the Imperative of International Cooperation 09 April 2022 Hakeem Yusuf and Philip Oamen Hits: 657
Systemic Racial Barriers to Voting in the Age of Covid-19 31 October 2020 Jennifer Terrell Hits: 2378
Dying While Black (2006) 09 April 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 4349