Sunday, October 02, 2022

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Prison Industrial Complex and Mass Incarceration

Prison Industrial Complex and Mass Incarceration


War on Drugs

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Marijuana Legalization

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Title Published Date Author Hits
White Supremacy's Police Siege on the United States Capitol 24 April 2022 Vida B. Johnson Hits: 1444
Are Constitutional Rights Enough? An Empirical Assessment of Racial Bias in Police Stops 24 July 2022 Rohit Asirvatham and Michael D. Frakes Hits: 540
Feeding the Machine: The Commodification of Black Bodies from Slavery to Mass Incarceration 28 June 2020 Cecil J. Hunt, II Hits: 3853
Criminalized Students, Reparations, and the Limits of Prospective Reform 06 May 2022 Amber Baylor Hits: 1092
Immigration E-carceration: A Faustian Bargain 19 June 2022 Mary Holper Hits: 570